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Entry #7

I just like pissing off everybody

2009-02-08 03:06:06 by everythingdark

bow down and suck my dick cause i own newgrounds bitches

you r all now my ass slaves
also i will cut off your dicks and shove it up your dads ass
so next time he shits he shits all over your dick

aha ass slaves


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2009-02-08 05:33:22

There is no fucking way you're 20 years old.

everythingdark responds:

your rite im 24


2009-02-08 06:08:10

first off, i don't have a dad, second ass slaves are the same as anal slaves and third, if you own newgrounds then i'm mario.

It'sa me Mario!

everythingdark responds:

ok mario u just called yourself a fat piece a shit wit a ugly mustache


2009-02-11 13:44:00

don't steal fucking music. give credit first. then post.


2009-03-09 15:56:11

I don't have a dick, so technically, you fail.


2009-03-11 03:46:45

Dude you rule at makeing songs. can you tell me how you made the music for Brawl Remix


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