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Another Sonic Remix is Here!!!

2008-09-07 02:04:33 by everythingdark

A few hours ago i posted the sonic 2 remix of the chemical plant and i already got 79 listens and 2 downloads not bad for for my first post here on newgrounds. anyway if you liked Sonic 2 Chemical Juice then you might like my latest post Sonic Strip Mine! its a remix of the Misic Cave leve on Sonic the hedgehog. Btw the dark cloud remix didnt get a lot of listens so i changed it to something better, its a remix of the Kraid level from the NES Meatroid. I still have a few remixes left that i havent got to post yet. theres still that to look forward to, anyway thank you for those who liked my remixes Good-Bye.... For Now. ---Everything Dark---

Another Sonic Remix is Here!!!


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2008-09-07 02:32:17

It's awesome

everythingdark responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. :)


2008-09-12 22:23:16

That's wicked cool.